Co-owners Boatcamp

Are you interested in becoming a co-owner of a narrowboat? Do you have loads of questions or things feel like they are getting in the way of you making a decision? If so you are in the right place.

Learn the shortcuts to boat shared ownership so that you can make the most of your adventures on your shared ownership narrowboat

Share my 9 years experience with you

I'm Ed and I have been living on my narrowboat Jamaica Farewell for 9 years now so Having cruised over 1,700miles of waterways and taking my boat through over 1480 locks, the world's longest, highest, deepest operating canal tunnel (at over 3 miles long) I know a thing or two about making the most of Britain's canals. I now am moving off the boat I have called my full time home and start a new relationship with the boat as a holiday home I wish to share with others, I recognise it will feel easier for me as I am so used to everything that boat life has to offer. So with so many people interested in co-owning the boat with me and it raising so many questions I wanted to put together a fun way to answer those questions, share my learning and help address some of the things that are getting in the way for people....

Introduce the Boat Co-owners boatcamp!

The Boatcamp

The boatcamp is a free virtual experience I have created that will run live on zoom each day throughout the boatcamp. The sessions are themed based on what people have asked me about.

Each day I will go live on Zoom with interactive sessions (which will all be recorded in case you miss any) I'll share resources that have helped me over the years as well as answer all your questions that you have.

There will be a pop-up facebook group exclusively for people on the boatcamp that will run until the boatcamp closes on the 22nd April. After then the group will be archived (we all know THOSE facebook groups that just don't end long after they were useful.) Once the group is archived you will be able to go back and access the resources and read comments people make but you won't be able to post or make any new comments.

The facebook group will also be where the recordings are shared, where I will share resources and where you can ask more questions between sessions as they pop in to your head in the shower, while out walking or in conversations you have with your partner or familily.

I absolutely love what the boat brings to my life and I want to share that energy with you so you can start to see what it might be like.

The Boatcamp Schedule


Day 1

Pre-party: Setting intentions and expectations for boat co-ownership @5:30pm BST(GMT+1)

We will get to know some of the ace people considering a part time life alfoat in Jamaica Farewell as a shared holiday home and look at intentions and expectations people have.

Day 2

Day 1: Planning your holiday when your holiday home moves @8pm BST(GMT+1)

In this session we cover assigning your weeks, where the boat will be moored, as well as route planning, how to make the most of your week in every season and the best places to moor.

Bonus resource given in this session: your checklist for the perfect week away

Day 3

Day 2: Sharing your share with upto 3 other people / families @5:00pm BST(GMT+1)

In this session we cover how you could split the cost of the share and maintenance EVEN further between 3 other friends or family members. As low as £1125 upfront and just £16.75 PER MONTH maintenance (less than a main meal in a fancy restaurant!) for a week per year for as long as you hold your share!!! We also talk about leaving your share as a gift in your inheritance as it is a tangible asset.

Day 4

Day 3: Re-selling your share in a weekend @5:00pm BST(GMT+1)

In this session we will cover re-selling your share in the future, through a broker, as well as using the instagram account we will create for the boat and your own social content and how others will want to snap it off you.

Day 5

Day 4: Keeping the boat running practically forever 10:30am BST(GMT+1)

In this session we will look at the MOTHER of all spreadsheets: the spreadsheet of life time costs for Jamaica Farewell which covers every screw purchased as well upcoming maintenance and works over the next few years

Day 6

Day 5: What you get when you buy a share in a boat like Jamaica Farewell 10:30am BST(GMT+1)

In this session we will look at receiving your share certificate, the agreement, as well as the full training provided on both the boat's operation and the boat's driving.

Day 7

Bonus: Q&A with seasoned boat co-owners - syndicates from the inside @5:00pm BST(GMT+1)

We will hear from someone who has been through this and can answer your questions

Day 8

Bonus: Q&A with a co-owner of Jamaica Farewell that bought last week and how they made their decision @5:00pm BST(GMT+1)

We will hear from someone who has bought a share in Jamaica Farewell and share why they did.

Day 9

Post- Party: Meet the co-owners party! @5:00pm BST(GMT+1)

Time to meet the confirmed other co-owners of Jamaica Farewell and find out what kind of community you are joining and who you will be connected to through this adventure.

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